Close up Screen shots of my desktop

In this post, you will see the Close up screen shots of each and every gadget of my Desktop 


Welcome Gadget :

This Welcome gadget has the following Features :

1. Shows me the number and history of the previous log-ins.
2. Tell me the news from my blog and other stats.
3. As designed by me, this program also tells me the report of schedules set by me in another program.

cool Desktop

Date And time

A beautiful date and time gadget that keeps me update from the date and time.

cool Desktop

A beautiful analogue clock

My computer and other computer Icons :

Beautiful icons at the right side of my desktop showing all the computer programs. It contains the following programs of my computer.

cool Desktop
  • On the top "Control Panel"
  • My computer.
  • Recycle Bin.
  • My documents.
  • Notepad ++
  • Pictures.
  • Music.
  • VLC media player.
  • Anti-virus.
  • Internet explorer.
  • Photo Shop.
  • MS Paint.
  • iTunes
  • Quick time player. 

Recycle Bin :

A Recycle bin gadget that shows me the number of items and their memory information.
cool Desktop

Weather Gadget :

This widget keeps me updated with the weather of my own area.

cool Desktop

 Multimedia player :

 A small Multimedia player that supports the currently playing files in the iTunes player

cool Desktop

My Feeds :

This Gadget shows me my blog feeds.

cool Desktop

Calender :

A calender Gadget on the top right side

cool Desktop

System Gadget :

System Gadget shows me my computer's speed and my internet's Uploading and Downloading Speed.

cool Desktop

Google Search :

Using the Google Search widget, instead of opening the browser, i type my search words in the search area to find my query results.  

cool Desktop

Network :

 Another Network widget that also shows me the IP address along with my internet's Uploading and Downloading Speed.

cool Desktop

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