Defacing A Website, The Easy Way [̲̅Bl̲̅og̲̅] ™

Yesterday i found a way of defacing website without the need to learn programming languages,
nor to explorer vulnerabilities of programs, hardware configuration or operative systems.

You can do whatever you want with any website, deface any website as you like, literaly!

But this is not the defacing that some crackers and defacers do, it is another thing, i was
very surprised when i say this website, which has a very good flash and php script that
allows anyone get even, to get revenge to any website that they do not like.

Wouldn't you like to deface website? It is possible, very possible in fact!
Try the script in the website below, you can completely destroy the website,
you can even send meteors or shot guns at microsoft website, it is so funny that you will
be addicted by tomorrow, no doubt, i am already.

This website is now popular, but it is getting even more popular day by day, the script was,
so well built that i do not still beleave that they are giving the chance to anyone to deface or
even destroy any website (virtually, of course)!

You can choose any "weapons" to deface/destroy any website, just enter the website url,
then choose the weapon, then go for it, another page will open with you weapon loaded,
and always with a menu above the site for you to try different weapons, it is so funny... ... ...

Another thing, do not forget to turn the sound on, you will love it!

Deface any website - home page (Visit this first, then the above ones if you like)

Deface the website, with a chainsaw!

Deface Google website here, with a shot gun!

Note: First try, then reply here, tell me what you think, and give links to sites you defaced
like the above one, and if you want, show us a screenshot.

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